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Short History of Inspiration Farm

In a world where competition often replaces passion, it is refreshing to find a place where differences are collaborated, on the behalf of the students, in order to further creativity and imagination.”

A glassblowing studio, an art gallery, an organic farm, a green house, a beautiful garden, a guest cabin, a pond, a house, and a family. It’s any artists wonderland all rolled into nine acres of land called Inspiration Farm. Located 6 miles from downtown Bellingham, Washington, Inspiration Farm is owned and creatively crafted by husband-and-wife team, Brian Kerkvliet and Alexandra King.

Kerkvliet plans to extend his idea of artists working in collaboration. He looks to the future for a time to come together with others to share and explore ideas, processes and techniques in the hopes of creating an entirely new and unique body of work. From art glass, to stained glass, to ceramics, to jewelry and more, it seems Inspiration Farm is open to all kinds of possibilities. Each and every member has the opportunity to add his/her own style and personality to the learning pool. I sit here, now, slowly rocking on the wooden swing that faces out into the fields, take in my surroundings and realize this is only the beginning. I take a deep breath and the fresh, sweet air of the country fills my lungs, and I envision each dream becoming a reality, and each goal being met. It’s beautiful here. Truly amazing. I watch the farmers dipping into the earth. I listen to the chickens cooing nearby. I feel the cool breeze on my skin and in my hair, and I smell the flowers that bloom all around. I realize that each morning as I step onto the farm, I automatically feel at peace. I feel at peace with myself and those around me. This makes me think back to a conversation I had with some students here, and I understand how contagious that feeling is and the importance of surroundings when creating art. Feeling at peace with yourself, and those around you, is such a crucial part of finding the best that lies within you. The creative process is dependent on feeling comfortable enough to try new things without fear of disaster and disappointment. And I understand that the reason why Inspiration Farm is destined to succeed is because it provides others with that comfort — possibly the most important component of the life that breathes here. We have grown to realize that with trial comes error, and therefore with error comes achievement. Perhaps it is that air of achievement that surrounds the farm. Perhaps it is the air of family, or the air of comfort. But it is surely the air of inspiration.

Excerpted from an article Written by Jessa James, Reprinted from Glass Art • September/October 1997

“Brian Kerkvliet has a wide breadth of practical knowledge on how to partner with natural systems to bring forth stability and abundance. Brian has been using biodynamic and Permaculture practices at inspiration Farm since 1997 and has taught permaculture at WWU. Brian has completed three Permaculture Design Certifications, consults and teaches workshops at Inspiration Farm on the many aspects of designing and living within a resilient system that provides for most of the food fiber and medicine needed to live a happy healthy life while restoring the ecosystem. His enthusiasm to share this with a wider audience shows in all that he does.”

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Podcasts, Articles and Videos from over the years.

Podcast 198: Inspiration Farm : The Challenges of Community Farming : Part I

Paul discusses the challenges of community farming, living and working with interns and hugelkulture with Brian Kerkvliet and Alexandra King of Inspiration Farm in Bellingham, Washington. Also discussed are the various methods of permaculturepolyculture, hugelkulture, biodynamics, holistic plant & food systems, energy systems, building systems, management, marketing and future projects at Inspiration Farms.

Podcast 199: Inspiration Farm : Biodynamic Farming : Part II

Paul discusses biodynamic farming, polyculture and permaculture gardening methods and philosophies with Brian Kerkvliet and Alexandra King of Inspiration Farm, an intentional community in Bellingham, Washington. Biodynamics is a spiritual-ethical-ecological and holistic approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition.

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Here is a video that was filmed by Janaia and Robyn of Peak Moment TV a few years ago, they finished professionally editing it. This gives a nice glimpse of some of the things that we do here at Inspiration Farm.
You can see other wonderful Peak Moment shows on their site.

More videos with Brian and family on youtube

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