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Practical Permaculture Food Forest Plants

For health and the future, Selected for the Pacific Northwest

Choose Layers and Players, Plant them for Food, Fiber, Fuel and Medicine

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This cart is to facilitate selection and prepayment for FARM PICK UP ONLY. Additional plants will added as we have time. Let us know if you are looking for something but not seeing it.

If you have extra pots, we can recycle by filling with new plants.

Canopy Trees

Over Story Productive Trees are the most important element to consider in a Plant Guild. Long lived productive verities of Nuts, Fruits, Fuel, Forage, Fodder and Timber. Lovely long lived multi functional Trees.

Bushes & Shrubs

Supper Food Berries compose the understory, A large number of shrubs offer many Functions and Flavors of Berries, Herbs, Forage, Nitrogen Fixers, Fiber and Habitat for birds and insects. 

Vines & Canes

Find a Devine Vine, Vertical plants add an interesting dimension to your plant assembly tying it all together with an array of grapes, kiwis, hops, honeysuckle and cane fruit to suit your needs and tastes.

Ground Covers

Herbs to Heal and feed bees and butterflies. Low growing ground covers holds space and builds soil while producing a wide array of Forage, insectaries Medicine, Herbs and Teas.

Choose Plants to fit in your Food Forest Layers

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