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Scythes the Cutting Edge!

April 28 @ 10:00 am 3:00 pm

Sell the Weed Eater and use a Scythe!

Maintain your body, not your machines. Learn the sharper points of this elegant tool. Thought to be old school, but better blades and an ergonomic set up makes them one of the most efficient tools out there. Learn what makes a good scythe, how to select a scythe for your needs and how to properly maintain it for years of efficient use. Participants will be able to try out a number of different blades and snaths (handles) to learn the benefits of each.

Discounts available for couples.

 Wide selection of blades

Topics to be covered:

  • Scythe – parts, styles, blades, snathes
  • Scythe setup and adjustments.
  • Mowing technique stance, angle, swing.
  • Mowing pattern strategies, fences, trees, working as a team.
  • Sharpening, Peening the blade
  • Fixing nicks and cracks
  • Sharpening with a stone

Make sure to reserve your space by registering below.

As the grass is starting to grow, we are getting ready to mow! Now is the time to look at your tools and see if they need any maintenance, sharpening, oiling or adjusting.

This took me 5 minuts and I did not break a sweat!

“Best Tool for the Job” presentation for the PNW Permaculture Convergence 2020

If you are considering getting a new Scythe setup you can contact Alexander at Scythe Works and see if he has what you are looking for. 

Other Scythe resources

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Brian Kerkvliet


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