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IMG_6598_2Inspiration Farm Permaculture Hands-On Skill Trades

We are offering few limited skill trade internship positions for people interested in acquiring a deeper understanding of Permaculture and related topics. This experience incorporates Biodynamic, Permaculture and regenerative farming practices. Starting in April and ending in September It will include animal, plant and natural force observation and nurturing activities throughout the growing season with hands on experiential learning. Course is held at Inspiration Farm,  An organic homestead integrating creative lifestyles, Biodynamic practices, animal husbandry, land / water management, annual & perennial food systems. This is for committed people who want to take their learning to the next level through hands on activities. If you are interested in this experience of a lifetime contact us to receive an application.

Topics included but are not limited to:IMG_3745

Animal Husbandry:

1. Poultry and small ruminant.
2. Daily care- chores– Feed, water, clean, brush, observe
3. Milking
4. Butter making
5. Cheese making & cultured milk products like Yogurt
6. Fence & Gate construction, repair
7. Mobile Animal shelters , building, fixing, moving
8. Bottle feed goats / calf
9. Goat hoof trimming
10. Pastured Poultry
11. Poultry hatching
12. Poultry butchering with respect and gratitude
13. Pigs housing cycle and planning
14. Farm veterinary care
15. Keeping animal health records
16. Preparation for birthing kids, calfs
17. Rotational pasturing of livestock
18. Philosophy of honor, respect, love, then eat
19. Birds, Bees, Bats, Bugs and other beneficials.

Plant and land / Water Management:IMG_2396

1. Starts indoor from seed
2. Plant propagation
3. Grafting
4. Guilds and companion planting
5. Compost construction and care
6. Bed preparation, creation and maintenance
7. Care and observation
8. Compost teas and other beneficial BD sprays
9. Integration of animals into the planting rotations
10. Plant rotations
11. Cover cropping
12. Seed  saving
13. Grain production for humans and animals
14. Swales and ponds!
15. Woodland management
16. Appropriate tech
17. Natural building!

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