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Permaculture Introduction

DSC_1793Practical Permaculture Practices

A hands on approach to implementing some Permaculture principals. Zones, sectors, ethics, mapping, compost and guilds This fun information stacked day will provide practical ways to design your environment into an integrated system of abundance and productivity. Using design strategies we will explore ways of stacking elements within a system to be more productive and self regulating. The morning will be class presentations and discussion, the afternoon will be a site tour and hands on session working with guilds, sheet mulch, keyhole beds and integrated composting systems. Permaculture is a holistic design methodology for sustainable thriving! The modalities of permaculture work with nature to create ecosystems where humans can meet their needs while living in harmony within their environment. Please join Certified Permaculture designer Brian Kerkvliet for an experiential opportunity to learn permaculture basics.

  • Compost Science
  • Plant Guilds: Fruit Tree Planting
  • Elements, Functions, Sectors, Zones,
  • Permaculture Principles, Ethics, Concepts:
  • Site Tour
  • Sheet Mulching / Keyhole Bed Construction
  • Integrated Systems

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These opportunities will be held at Inspiration Farm, An organic homestead integrating creative lifestyles, Biodynamic practices, animal husbandry, land / water management, annual & perennial food systems.

Principles of Permaculture