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Autumn Olive


Autumn Olive has medium sized nitrogen fixing shrub with edible red berries in September. Not related to olive, but having similar looking gray/green leaves.

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(Elaeagnus umbellata)  Autumn Olive berries are loaded with the antioxidant, Lycopene, a compound know to protect against cancer. Tomatoes have very high Lycopene levels, but Autumn Olive fruits are 17 times higher. A very hardy, tough, drought resistant shrub. Millions of autumn olive seedlings were planted in the 1930’s on mining reclamation soils and other poor or erosion prone sites to improve the soil and as wildlife browse. High in pectens and make a nice addition to jams and jellies or used as a meet glaze. One of the latest ripening berries. Widely adapted to sun or shade. Zone 3-9.


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