Italian Stone Pine


Italian stone pine is an ornamental evergreen pine nut tree with a full, high canopy that resembles an umbrella. For this reason, it is also called the “umbrella pine”.

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Italian stone pine (Pinus pinea) These pine nut trees are native to southern Europe and Turkey, and prefer warm, dry climates. Italian Stone Pine is easily recognizable, as it is one of the only pines to form a high, rounded crown. Needles brown in colder weather or wind. If you grow Italian stone pine trees, you will notice that as they mature, they develop multiple trunks close to one another. Cones start forming after 10-15 years of age and take 3 years to mature and ripen. About 100 nuts can be harvested per cone.

They grow between 40 and 80 feet tall, but occasionally get taller. Although these trees develop lower branches, they are usually shaded out as the crown matures. The pine cones of the Italian stone pine mature in autumn. Hardy to zone 8. Plants are 1-2 year old seedlings


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