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Japanese Heart Nut


Also called Japanese Walnuts. Heartnuts have a thick shelled but easily cracking, usually heart shaped nut, sweet and mild. Trees are fast growing with huge compound leaves, beautiful and hardy.

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Juglans ailantifolia, The heartnut is a seed of the Japanese walnut. Rather than the normal egg-shaped Japanese walnut shell, the heartnut is a flattened heart-shpaed nut that readily splits in two halves. Heartnuts are generally hardier and walnut blight resistant than Persian walnuts and have great commercial potential in the Pacific Northwest, a climate similar to its native Japan. Tree size can range from 30 -45 ft in height and spread. Fast to come into bearing, 5-8 years from a planted seedling. Technically they are self-fertile but they will set a larger crop if you plant 2 or more. Can tolerate wet ground. Seedling trees are suited for zones 5 -9

Two year old seedling


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