Ruby Rhubarb is a medium size plant that produces thick red stalks that are sweet and tender. It will produce quite heartily making it a very reliable early producing variety with peak color in late Autumn.


Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum) Prefers a full sun position but will tolerate part shade. Plants can struggle in warmer or humid climates, even with adequate water. Rhubarb requires a cold Winter to grow well, and the best stem color is produced in the cooler months. large leaves with the ruby red stalks are beautiful. Requires cold temperatures and freezes in order to thrive. Needs well drained soil as the taproot can rot if it is too soggy. Can tolerate down to a pH of 5.0, which is why it does well near blueberries. Likes full sun and full shade, Hardy in zones 3 – 8, 1  Gallon pot- Devide


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