Siberian Pea Shrub


Siberian Pea Shrub, Caragana Arborescens, Upright growing plant with brilliant yellow flowers in late spring. Lovely bright green foliage makes a nice background for flowers. One of the most hardy, drought resistant selections.  Maximum Elevation: 9,000 ft. Hardy to -50°F

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Caragana Arborescens, or Siberian peashrub , is a species of legume . It is a nitrogen fixing shrub growing to heights of 12 feet or more and is a perennial . Typically, it has a moderate to fast growth rate, being able to grow one to three feet during the first year after trimming. The plant is native to Siberia and parts of China and neighboring Mongolia and Kazakhstan . It is commonly grown throughout the northern hemisphere as a landscaping plant and ornamental . 

Seed – cooked. Small but produced in abundance, there are 4 – 6 seeds per pod. A bland flavor, it is best used in spicy dishes. The raw seed has a mild pea-like flavor, though we are not sure if it should be eaten in quantity when raw. The seed contains 12.4% of a fatty oil and up to 36% protein, it has been recommended as an emergency food for humans. This species has the potential to become a staple crop in areas with continental climates. Young pods can be cooked and used as a vegetable. We have seeds available to grow


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