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Sweet Cicely


A European perennial carrot family plant that produces fern-like licorice-fennel flavored foliage. Leaves are edible and make a really wonderful tea. Also known as Garden Myrrh or Sweet Chervil. Prized for its sweetness and used for sweetening rhubarb dishes and tea.


Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorata) is an introduced perennial herb growing from 2 to 3 feet in height on very leafy stems. Stems are ridged with fine whitish hair. The fruit is a long thin brown ribbed seed, about an inch long, usually produced in pairs, with a strong anise flavor. Great understory perennial herbaceous plant. Bees love it.

Common and Medicinal Uses: Fresh greens have long been used for salads as long as they are collected before flowering. The root also is edible, boiled and mixed with other vegetables. All the parts have an anise flavor. Sweet Cicely is one of the ingredients in the spice known as Bouquet Garni. The roots are antiseptic and decoction of the root was used for stomach ache and as an expectorant and the medicinal qualities are said to be similar to the North American plant – Aniseroot, Hardy to zone 5. One Gallon pot.


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