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Violette de Bordeaux Fig


A natural dwarf tree-like Violette de Bordeaux Fig Tree. (Ficus carica ‘Violette de Bordeaux’). This variety offers so much for the home gardener. Violette de Bordeaux is widely considered by experts as one of the very finest figs.

Tree is has deeply cut leaves, with yellow petioles stained purple, of Black Ischia, but is very vigorous, upright, fast growing. Some breba crop, main crop dark black, flesh red, sweet and of rich fig flavor, a little dry unless well irrigated. Everyone’s favorite black fig.

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This productive variety boasts an irresistible fragrance and extremely flavorful small to medium-size fruit. Violette de Bordeaux has the darkest strawberry-red flesh of any fig. Enjoy the fruit freshly picked or dried. Use it in gourmet recipes or enjoy fresh right off the tree!

Violette de Bordeaux is a productive variety. You’ll get two crops of juicy figs a year. The early Breba crop comes in late spring and is borne on dormant buds from last year’s old wood. New wood produces the main crop, which is harvested in fall. Pick your ripe figs when the texture turns soft. You can also hand-pick your crops with a gentle tug upward. Exceptional Violette de Bordeaux performs well across a wide geographic area. It’s blissfully resistant to pests and diseases.

Grow to a mature hight of 6-10 feet. Likes full sun and well drained soil. Zones 7-10

These plants are 2 year old rooted from cuttings


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