Inspiration Farm Projects

We invite you to e a part of it! Help us create a community learning space.

Donate items on our list or money to help us finish some of these exciting projects. Shop from or… buying Garlic for Fall Planting! support us too!  

Projects we hope to do soon:

  • Smaller permanent greenhouse
  • More Pond construction
  • Bird houses
  • Ethanol still
  • larger Bio Digester
  • More rain water harvesting
  • Solar Thermal syphon systems
  • Outdoor Solar shower
  • Root cellar
  • More earthworks, swales and ponds
  • lots more tree planting
  • More plant propagation
  • Solar hot water

Wish list items:

  • Building materials, lumber, metal roofing
  • Bee swarms
  • Ethanol still components
  • Bio Digester, valves, barrels pumps
  • DC motors, Generators
  • Electrical components
  • Solar panels and components
  • Poly pipe
  • Wood chips
  • Unusual plants

Completed projects:

  • Bee hives
  • Solar PV grid tie system
  • Bat boxes
  • Vertical wind generator
  • Portable animal shelters
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Mushroom propagation
  • Gray water system
  • Key line land forming
  • Barley trials, 40 kinds!
  • Barn renovation
  • Charcoal kiln
  • test bio-digester
  • Food processing farm kitchen
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