Inspiration Farm


Here are a few of the videos that have been filmed here over the years. Still working on compiling these Videos and some articles and podcasts.

Peak Moment

Changing times calls for changing lifestyles.” says Brian Kerkvliet. “So we’ve put more energy into the land? The more you get your fingers in the soil, the more endorphins rush through your head. You get excited by all of that.” Using permaculture and biodynamic practices, Briana’s family is endlessly experimenting and innovating to find what works.

Working with the landscape and water​ A solar food dehydrator / dryer made from a dead freezer. Brian Kerkvliet from Inspiration Farm in Bellingham, Washington gives us a tour of his contraption. This solar food dehydrator comes with a blackened air intake and a blackened air pull.​ Alexandra King of Inspiration Farm in Bellinghmam, Washington talks a little about how black locust is great fodder, although sheep might like it so much it can make them sick. The sheep thought the black locust was the best tasting things in a brand new paddock. Robinia pseudoacacia. Brian Kerkvliet, also of Inspiration Farm, talks about other valuable aspects of black locust: fiber, fence posts, tool handles, nitrogen fixer, coppicing, shoots, pole construction, skids for an animal shelter, bee fodder (some of the very best honey) – a long blooming period, leafs out late, allowing the soil to warm before the tree shade kicks in, chicken food …

U-bar really working it

This took about 5 minutes to cut and I did not break a sweat.

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