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Reading the Landscape for Permaculture Design 

Learn the skills to pattern with your natural landscape to create an integrated systems of abundance and productivity! Design strategies and methods for truly sustainable, regenerative human integration as a part of their ecosystem. We will look at strategies for resilient water, nutrients, soil regeneration, food production, shelter, energy, and more. Curriculum Includes: Permaculture Ethics and Design Principles, Pattern Recognition, Climate Factors and micro climates, Water Management, Soil, Trees, Earthworks, Surveying and Mapping. Leading up to a real life design exercise, mapping and placing elements within a holistic Permaculture design. Class format includes lectures, discussions, tours and hands-on activities. Pot luck lunch for both days. Camping is available.

Soil for your Soul …. Dates yet to be set

Learn about soil, the life within it and the life it gives. We will look at ways to make soil, through different composting methods and strategies for composting in place. Strategies to maintain healthy soil at the same time you grow crops and the ways to prepare beds. We will show you ways to extend your healthy soil organisms from you compost with compost teas and other herbal ferments. Weeds and what they can tell you about your soil.

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