Water and Climate

An ongoing discovery and compilation of resources devoted to understanding water in relation to its effect on Climate and all Living systems we depend on.

Below I will share my journey to understand and heal the Water Cycle, the Earth’s Blood, in doing so heal the Earth and Climate.

We have a living planet, and we will heal our climate by attending to her living systems.

What if climate change is not all about carbon emissions and it is more about destructive land use practices. Mining, clearcutting, over grazing, Intensified tillage agriculture, heat island concrete cities. All of these activities reduce the ability of a living planet to moderate it’s climate.

Living green plants capture solar energy, cool their environment through transpiration and shade, draw down carbon from the atmosphere and sequester it in their tissue and the soil. Creating a positive feedback loop conducive to life and a balance of climate.

It’s not all about CO2. It’s not all about greenhouse gases. It’s not all about fossil fuels. CO2, in my view, has a minor role in catastrophic events like flooding, drought, wildfires and sea level rise, which are all caused–in large measure–by how we treat the land, water and the ecosystems that reside on the land.

We will talk about how trees make rain and how plants drive our water cycles. If we had healthy water cycles flowing through healthy ecosystems, we would have much less of the flooding, drought, heat waves and wildfires.

Trees make rain and plants create water cycles by slowing the progress of the rainwater toward the streams and rivers. Trees and plants make the soil healthy so it will soak up the rain like a sponge. And trees and plants create a reservoir of water that holds heat and staves off extremes of hot and cold, flooding and drought.

With Community Driven Decentralized Water Retention we can not only restore our ecosystems, but also reverse drought, lower temperatures, improve rainfall, and ensure a viable and healthy future. This kind of restoration can happen on scales of all kinds – from small backyards to large farms and entire regions. It does not rely on big corporations to stop being greedy, nor a mostly dysfunctional government – it relies on you, your community, and nature.

Here is a link to this Water, Earth’s Blood, The New Water Paradigm presentation as a PDF

Presentation I gave for the Regenerate Cascadia Summit
Read a reflection on the tour day events
Visit Regenerate Cascadia’s Youtube channel for other presentation from the Summit

Presentation at the Whidbey Water Climate Summit
Water, Earth’s Blood, The New Water Paradigm
Learning how to form a better relationship with water in your landscape can have a profound effect on the planet and the ecosystem’s health and wellbeing. “Water is all Life” Water is responsible for much of the heat dynamics on earth effecting climate far more than carbon. Learn how to form a better relationship with water in your landscape in order to personally have a positive impact on global issues. 

Here is a another Presentation I put together to help you Design a Water Resilient Landscape.

Links and Videos for further information

Water Stories Global Community

EcoRestoration Alliance

Global Earth Repair Foundation

Featured Article

Water for the Recovery of the Climate: A New Water Paradigm

Water for the Recovery of the Climate: A New Water Paradigm


A Resource Packet on the Work of Michal Kravčík and Colleagues By Michael Pilarski, Global Earth Repair Foundation. January 2, 2023 I highly recommend this to the whole world! Michal Kravčík & colleagues’ solutions to global climate change. I rank their analysis and solutions for planetary regeneration.

An Amazing Demonstration Site Designed and installed by my Mentor Zach Weiss

I can help you design these types of systems

A Revelation About Trees Is Messing With Climate Calculations

Trees make clouds by releasing small quantities of vapors called “sesquiterpenes.” Scientists are learning more—and it’s making climate models hazy.

The Biotic Climate and the Soil Sponge

How Life Regulates Temperature, Weather, and the Climate through the Water Cycle


NOV 17, 2023


Climate Water Project How to restore the water cycle, and how that helps with hydrating the earth and soil, replenishing groundwater, restore rains in drought areas, lessen flooding, and slow down climate change.

The Climate Report

Investing in Regenerative Agriculture and Food Podcast

A conversation with Alpha Lo, physicist and writer of the Climate Water Project, about the importance of slowing water down, the connection between drought, fire, and floods, and the massive role water plays in heating and cooling our planet. Trees create rain not the other way around. There is just so much to learn about water in all its forms, what it does when it’s part of a healthy watercycle or what it does when it isn’t (e.g. massive floods around the world). With Alpha Lo we try to start to unpack the massive role water plays in heating and cooling of our planet and argue why we should absolutely pay way more attention to water and the watercycle. Potentially it is more important and relevant in the climate discussion than carbon.
Understand the living Earth paradigm
To a climate conversation long dominated by computer models and technological jargon, Regenerating Life: How to Cool the Planet, Feed the World and Live Happily Ever After brings some badly needed rain, along with dung beetles, sweating trees, fungal mycelia, cloud-making forests, beavers, worms, soil microbes, cow patties and whales. As more and more people are learning, there’s another side to the climate that’s been overlooked, one having less to do with what we put in the air than what we do to the land and this film brings it beautifully to life.

Australian soil and climate scientist Walter Jehne discusses how the five kingdoms of life have created water cycles, moving water through sea, soil and air, navigating tumultuous changes through geological ages to the present, and how the human presence has brought earth’s systems into a crisis in which water is also the potential vehicle for stabilization and renewal.

Walter Jehne spent over 30 years as a scientist with SCIRO, an Australian national science agency dedicated to using research and science to solve big problems. Now he is on an international tour sharing the importance of the water cycle in climate change.

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