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Blue Pagoda Honey berry


Blue Pagota is widely grown in northern Japan, this valuable variety is prized for its abundant crops of large, flavorful, sweet, crisp and juicy fruit.

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(Lonicera caerulea) Blue Pagota is a late blooming variety, from Northern Japan. A very hardy and unique small shrub, Blue Pagoda™ Honeyberry is a species of Honeysuckle with sweet and tasty fruit. Native to Eastern Siberia, the Russian Far East, and Northern Japan, Honeyberry is valued for its tasty, blueberry-like fruit, its extremely early ripening, often two weeks before strawberries, and its exceptional hardiness, to minus 40 degrees F, or below. Great for fresh eating, juicing, and preserves.

Blue Pagoda™ Honey berry pollinates with Blue Velvet, Kamchatka, Blue Moon, Blue Sea, or Blue Pacific. An attractive, upright shrub, mature height is around 4-5 feet. Zone 3-8. 

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1 year old cutting, 2 year old cutting


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