Lovage is an aromatic herb, Lovage has a celery-like odor and a carrot-like root structure. It grows easily as a hardy perennial and will last for years if kept under the correct conditions. Lovage prefers a sunny location and moist soil.

The plants can grow up to six feet tall, with a 32-inch spread, so they make stately specimens in the garden. Lovage is suitable for gardeners in USDA Hardiness Zones 3-9, and it prefers a cool climate to a hot one.


Levisticum officinale, is a perennial member of the Apiaceae family with aromatics resembling strong celery. Lovage has a long history of cultivation in Europe where the leaves and seeds were used as a spice. The thick, fleshy, carrot-shaped lovage root was often prepared as a vegetable and used for its beneficial qualities. Typical preparations of lovage root include infusions, extracts, and cordials. 

Most parts of this culinary herb can be used. The leaves have an excellent, warm flavor like a cross between celery and anise, and are delicious with most savory dishes (soups and stews) as well as poultry. The stems are harvested while still young to be used for flavoring primarily in confections.

Lovage is a flowering plant in the same family as carrots, parsley, and dill. Its dark green leaves resemble cilantro, while the stalks resemble celery. The herb is sweeter but stronger than celery. Lovage stems can be cut in the spring – blanch and eat as a vegetable. Even the seeds can be harvested and used when ground, as a substitute for salt. 

The perennial plants die back to the ground and go dormant during the winter, and reemerge in the spring. They grow quickly, so you can expect your first harvest within a few months of planting. The plants produce yellow flowers in umbrella-shaped umbels before setting seed in late summer. The roots are grayish brown with cream interiors. Once in bloom, Lovage also attracts many beneficial pollinators to your garden with its fragrant blooms!


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