Spanish Roja has a mild yet full-bodied, rich garlicky flavor. The best known and loved hard neck in America today.

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The large, flat bottomed, purple streaked bulbs often reach two inches in diameter and typically have eight to twelve large tan cloves. It peels easily and stores up to 4-6 months. The outer bulb wrappers are thin and flake off easily so it is not the best storage type, but no Rocambole is. This heirloom garlic, came to the Portland, Oregon area over a hundred years ago. It is generally a vigorous grower with large foliage that is dark green. Flavor is very strong, hot and spicy and sticks around for a long time. It has been described as the most piquant garlic in the world. From a growers perspective, it grows well in cold winter areas, but does poorly in warm winter areas. $18 a pound. Best ordered by August to ensure supply.

Smaller heads with about 6-10 cloves per head.

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