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Earth Repair workshop highlights

We had a great gathering of people yesterday for Michael “Skeeter” Pilarski’s  Earth Repair workshop. The swales were full and the weather cooperated. Thanks to all those who attended and are now endowed with super powers to help heal the Mother Earth. The biggest job opportunity of our time!

Some of the new jobs are:

legislators, lobbyists, finance managers, educators, promoters, organizers, financial planners, co-op managers, general managers, authors, publishers, videographers, artists, site evaluation experts, site designers, earth workers, erosion control experts, stream restoration experts, seed collectors, seed cleaners and packaging, nursery managers, regenerative farmland developers, native food and plant experts, bio-char creators, bio and micro-remediation experts, local fiber producers, wood chippers, ethical mobile wood mills, grazers, kid educators, Appropriate tech developers, tool manufactures, trail builders, road and dam removal experts, map makers, community organizers, natural health practitioners, and many more!

What would your dream job be that can help change the world?

Here are a few photos from the class and the tour of the farm.

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