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Finally an In Person Workshop!

Terraforming Earthworks for a Water Retention Landscape

August 13, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – August 15, 2021 @ 4:00 pm

We are excited to be offering a in depth workshop this year in collaboration with one of our design clients. It has been a long road without in person, hands on, workshops and we are excited to start offering some for this year.

We have been wanting to host something like this for some time now and here it is coming together on a beautiful property. The camping and meals will be provided for the course so lots of good conversation and after hours insights into the project.

This opportunity is still a few months off so you have time to plan and join us. This will be a unique experience that allows you to participate in an actual earthworks implementation. Part of the permaculture design masterplan for this property.

  • A Unique Permaculture Design Earthworks Experience! 
  • Day one, will be introductions and an overview of the design considerations and the scope of the project. A site tour assessing information on, water, soils, access, structural positions, slope, orientation, zoning and sectors. 
  • Day two, we will demonstrate how to work with earthworks machine operators to achieve desired permaculture design goals.  Exercises in designing watersheds and a variety of strategies used.
  • Day three, we will fine tune aspects of the project and install cover crop and some of the food forest guilds. This workshop is intended to help you to become a more confident earthwork installer. You will get familiar with the equipment and strategies used to efficiently get the job done.
  • WHAT YOU CAN LEARN: Site Observation Skills, Site Assessment Process, Design Evolution Process, Earthworks Process, Design and Work Methodology, Site Restoration with Cover Crops and Guild Planting considerations.

You can read all the details and sign up for this amazing opportunity on the site Inspiration Farm

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  1. Connor Harron

    We are so excited to help host this truly inspirational event!


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