Earth Projects 2016

IMG_1779Last year I had the opportunity to help clients implement some main frame earth works. It was decided that in order to help their property get on the right track to total abundance, the best place to start was the few earth sculpting features that would be the most beneficial. These included swales, hugelkultur, ponds and subtle grading.  After first doing a site consult and several evaluations and maps drawn up we collectively set on a plan.  I worked on three different projects last year in addition to our own ongoing earthworks evolution.

I will share a few of the pictures from some of these projects. One thing to keep in mind as you look at the before and after photos is that the timeframe we are talking about is only a matter of weeks. 3-5 days for the earthworks, grading, seeding and scatter mulch and 2-3 weeks to grow the cover crop and in some cases we added the tree and understory plantings as well.


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