Thanksgiving From the Farm


It took months to prepare and  moments to consume and days to work off.  But it was all worth it.

This meal was prepared in or minds months in advance. By choosing what breed of turkey chicks to get to what grain to plant in the spring. This meal was almost entirely from the farm,


2 turkeys, 1 goose, 2 loves home made bread from grain that we grew, threshed, winnowed, and ground the day of the feast, 2 kinds of  cheese from Buttercup milk, A big batch of Buttercup ice cream to go with all the berry and fruit pies for desert. Squash from the garden, mushrooms from the patch

Wine from the store this year but we have it in the casks for next year. Plenty of Friends and Family toIMG_0092

aid in the festivities. It was a feast to remember. This is the way it use to be, and should be!

As we counted our blessings in this moment and  refilled our glasses and attempted to solve the problems of the world, in the back of our minds we we were secretly planning  for the next feast.

Stay tuned for more tales of happy eaters at Inspiration Farm feasts in entries to come.

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