Beloved Feline Farm Friend

A sudden farewell to a beloved farm friend came yesterday unexpectedly. I came down to the house from the studio as I entered I let Pouncer our retired barn, now house cat and Copper (our dog) into the house. Pouncer attempted to jump up to his food location and fell over backwards and went into spasm. I called for Alexandra & Rosie to come help. We tried to help him but within moments he was gone.

We loved pouncer, he was a rock star of the farm. anytime we had a tour here he always stole the show and hammed it up for the group. He was the best mouser I have ever had the pleasure to witness. Once I saw him get 3 mice at a time, one with each paw and one with his mouth. But when you handled him he never bared his claws. He was well known for jumping up on your shoulders when you were crouched down weeding or harvesting from the garden. He would then proceed to purr and lick your hair.

He got to be a proud papa at an early age and took care of the kittens he had with Sneaky

We will miss you Pouncer and Sneaky too.

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  1. Angela

    Thank you for posting this tribute with all the great photos.
    I love that guy a lot and will always remember him fondly. Some animals just have the biggest most wonderful personalities and he sure did. I was one of the lucky weeders who had the pleasure of Mr. Pouncer jumping up on my back, purring loudly and rubbing his nose into my neck.

    He was lucky to have you for his family. What a great life you provided for him. In his own way he was the king of the land. And he was lucky to have your presence when he passed.


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