March Wind Storm

So we had a big blow last night and it was more intense then I expected, I didn’t sleep after 4 AM, as the power was surging. I finally got up when it went out for good, about 4:10 to go see what was up with the glass furnace. When I opened the door to the studio there was soot everywhere because the fan went out and it was only a gas and compressed air mixture. I quickly got that all fixed up and set the system on compressed air and battery back up for the safety systems.

The wind was still whipping as the daylight came on so I went looking around to see if there was any thing else that needed attending to. I quickly noticed that the chicken electro mesh fence posts had snapped off and all the chickens were wondering or being blown around the farm. After fixing the fence posts and tossing some feed into the pen I proceeded to try and round up all 30 or so of the frenzied chickens to get them all back in their zone. Once they realized they could get out of the crazy wind by going into the coop they all went in and I shut the trap door until the worst of the wind died down.

I proceeded to walk around the farm and assess the damage. Ya it was crazy! We lost a hoop house and several trees, including my favorite large stone free Italian prune plum. The place is a mess.

On the up side it blew down a cottonwood so I was able to harvest buds for medicine. Balm of Gilead, this will be my first time making it. As I get older there are some aches and pains that do arise from time to time and I firmly believe that nature offers what you need, so I looked at this freak storm as an opportunity to make medicine and heal those that need it.

Make Balm of Gilead / Cottonwood Oil


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