Cream Separator

So we’ve had dairy animals for quite some time now and the best part of milk is the cream. Initially Alexandra got a few different mechanical cream separators that we tried without liking them too much. Lots of moving parts, lots of parts to clean, we tended to want to have a lot of milk to separate if we were going to go through the trouble of getting out the machine and cleaning it after. So we didn’t use them much.

After a while of this I got an idea from an old metal Amish cream separator that worked on gravity and the fact that the cream always rises to the top. I decided to make one out of glass so it could be cleaned easily and you can always see the cream line. I made it in the shape of an egg because it is said that the form of an egg holds the etheric life force in balance for longer then any other form.  This made intuitive sense to me. I feel this is of great importance for milk to be held in this way. I also made it so it would hold about 2 gallons of milk and still fit in the refrigerator where is must rest overnight while the cream rises to the top.

So far we are happy with how it works. No moving parts, easy to clean and it holds a days milking. What do you think?


  1. Brian (Post author)

    That is one cool cream extractor and one cool dairy Queen

  2. Mike

    Hello, Would you consider making one to sell?


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