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Whatcom PDC Course 2024

JUNE-JULY, Over 4 weekends and 1 immersive week, we will explore the foundations of regenerative culture. Learn core Permaculture skills, and connect to our capacity to observe, interact and re-integrate with natural systems. Learn the skills to work with nature to create integrated Permaculture systems of abundance and productivity! Food, Soil, Shelter, Energy, Water and a lot more: Design strategies and methods for truly sustainable, regenerative human integration with our ecosystem.

Practical Permaculture Intensive

A fun filled Practical Permaculture Immersion Weekend. We will illustrate practical ways to design an integrated thriving living system that that partners with nature. Designed to be self regulating, diverse, abundant and resilient. Whether you are on an urban lot or a farm homestead, energy, water, soil building, animal systems, food production and preservation systems, with diverse income streams. Join us if these are important to you.