Garlic in July!

Fresh Inspiration

What’s Fresh

  • 3 varieties of Kale  $2/bunch
  • 5 varieties of Lettuce  $2/head
  • Beet Greens $2/bunch
  • Swiss Chard  $2/bunch
  • Mizuna and Arugula $9/lb
  • Black and Red Currants $6 for 1/2 pint or $3 U-pick
  • Green Onions $2/bunch
  • Zucchini $2/lb
  • Plums $3/lb
  • Kohlrabi $2/each
  • Fennel $2/each
  • Turnips $2/bunch
  • Green Beans $3/lb
  • Beets $2/bunch
  • Garlic Scapes $2/bunch
  • Fresh Garlic $10/lb
  • Herbs: Parsley, Rosemary, Chives, Thyme and Sage $2/bunch
  • Fresh Basil $12/lb

A screaming deal for Fresh Biodynamic Produce!

To order text (360) 319-2029

If you want something that isn’t listed, just ask, we may have it, or it may be on its way!

  • We also have plenty of plants to stock your landscape full of edibles.  Sea Buckthorn, Grapes, Josta Berry, Gooseberry, Currant, Fig, Plum, apple as well as many soil building plants and more!
    • It is Garlic Harvest time on the farm. We have been consistently harvesting our garlic beds over the last couple of weeks and the sharp delightful garlic aroma has filled our farm
    • Garlic, an excellent addition to many dishes is also said to have given strength to the Pyramid builders, courage to the Roman Legions and was trusted as a charm against evil until modern times. Native Americans used it for a variety of things from snake bites to intestinal worms
    • In past and modern times, Garlic was a popular remedy for colds, sore throats, and coughs.  the people of Europe used to eat garlic daily to protect themselves against plagues although some say it only helped to keep other people at a safe distance away.

For those of you who are receiving this newsletter for the first time, Thank you for joining the Fresh Inspiration club,  you will be the first to be alerted to our in season beyond organic biodynamic grown roots, fruits, leaves & flowers.   

You can place your custom order ahead of arriving by calling, texting or emailing and we will harvest right before your preferred pick-up time Produce will be available on a first come first serve basis.Thank you for the delicious fruits and vegetables. 

Fresh Inspiration Reviews

There are none better.  This past week we picked raspberries and cherries that had the best taste.  We will be eating some and freezing others.  The prices are fantastic especially when one knows the biodynamic growing process you follow.  “Twice as good at half the price” should be your motto.  We will be back for more throughout the season.  We love the weekly updates listing what’s currently fresh.  Your farm is one of the bright spots of Bellingham.  Cheers! Sachiko and Kevin

We accept cash, check or set up a pre-paid account

  • Pre-pay $100 and get an extra $10 of produce
  • Newsletters will be sent out every tuesday for the weeks orders/pickups
  • Let us know ahead of time for a quick tour with a $50 order

Thank you for supporting nutrient dense Biodynamic Permaculture Produce

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