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Fall Nursery Sale and Planting Time!

Here we are at Fall…. oh so fast, Summer has passed! Where did the time go? This season has been so abundant we could hardly keep up with the harvesting of all the fruit that is coming on in our newer systems. First were Cherries, honey berries, goumi berry, then plumbs, raspberries, Shipova and Asian pear. Then the finger was out of the dike all the other fruit came ripe, apples, grapes, mulberries, walnuts, filberts, chestnuts and more. We could hardly keep up with the harvesting from our trees. Some were first time bearers. This year we had a good harvest off the the pine nuts and the shipova, OMG how good! Along with many new apple and pear varieties. Not to mention our annual crops and garlic all did well.

20% off a purchase of $500 or more!

10% off a purchase of $100 or more,

So…. Get ready, Get set, PLANT! The rain is here! In the spirit of fall planting we are having our Permaculture nursery plant sale in hopes that you will find something to add to your perennial food security system.

Here in the Pacific Northwest fall is the best time for planting. There are a lot of good reasons to plant now. The soil is still warm so roots will still grow giving you a much larger plant next spring. The soil doesn’t get too cold until about late November. The fall rains have started so you don’t have to water or worry about your new plants getting dried out.

As a small Nursery we really don’t want to over winter lots of plants till next year. At this time of year many of the plants are looking a little tired so less appealing. So why not pass on a few good bargains to your loyal customers? Plants have been in the container all year so have a really well developed root system. Once in the ground you just wait until spring and have a beautiful specimen in your own garden. Another reason for fall planting to to add fall interest into your gardening routine.  

I like to plant trees and shrubs in the Fall for the most part because it gives the plant all winter to set roots while the top is dormant. During the winter there is lots of water and not a lot of sun so the plants put their energy into setting up a good root system so they head into Summer well established. The second best time to plant perennials is early in the Spring but it gives the plant less time to set roots. With some plants I do prefer to plant in the Spring is if the plant is frost sensitive like a fig, citrus or elderberry. These plants like to have a well established root system before the go through a good freeze.

When planting make sure you leave room for the plant to grow. Add a little compost mulch on top and a stake if needed. I wouldn’t recommend fertilizer in the hole because you don’t want to encourage the plant to start to grow when it should be going dormant.  Enjoy the Fall season, get out and put some plants in the ground.

We want to share high density food nutrition abundance with everyone so we have put a lot of energy into our nursery plant propagation and it did well this year. We are well stocked in productive permaculture plants to help get your system kick started with berries, fruit and nut trees, vines, nitrogen fixers and more! What do you need in your system?

We are here to help you with seeds, plants and whole systems design advice. Let us know how we can help and let’s talk.

Here is a list of some of the plants that we have available! They are not all listed online, but can be found in the nursery.

8 different kinds of Seed Garlic $18/lb. 3 or more pounds $15 a pound. Now is the time to plant!


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