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Sweet-shoot bamboo is a popular garden bamboo, that is also cultivated in Asia for its edible shoots. Renowned for its delectable shoots, they are prized for their tasty, early season production. Used in salads, soups, stews and stir-frys. Also considered to be one of the best choices for producing large timber poles  

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Sweet-shoot bamboo, Phyllostachys Dulcis,  Sweet Shoot is also prized for its attractive canes and foliage. Arching, soft green to blue-green culms with occasional white rings grow to 40 feet tall, even in the coldest zones. The 3-inch culms have large diameter for their height and develop thick canes. It performs well and gets big canes  even in smaller tight spaces. Sweet Shoot is a quick growing bamboo, making it a great choice for a screen, hedge or grove.

Sweet Shoot is a running bamboo, which means it spreads. Bamboo can be controlled in a small area simply by cutting down the young shoots. New shoots can be used for culinary purposes and cooked, much like asparagus. Root pruning or installing Bamboo root barrier are other methods to control spread. This is cold hardy to -10 degrees F and can grow close to full height even with those temperatures. Only available in the Spring and Fall. I will did clumps right before pick up


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