Amarican Bush Hazel


Edible nuts that are easy to harvest and enjoy! They also bear quickly a few years after planting. Plant more than one for larger yields.

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Bush Hazel, corylus americana Fruit is a round nut with a hard shell, 1/3 to ½ inch in diameter, enveloped in a pair of bracts that form a stiff, green husk, with up to 5 nuts in a cluster. The husk is up to twice as long as the nut, jagged and ruffled at the tip. The nuts are very good eating, though smaller than commercially grown hazelnuts. It is usually also a race to beat squirrels and other wildlife to the the punch.

Flowers in March to April interesting hanging yellow-brown catkins (male flowers) appear. They prefer a moist, well drained soil, but they tolerate clay soil well too. They also handle alkaline soils and drought just fine. If planted near in wet soil or along a pond, expect it to sucker a lot. In normal to drier soils it will sucker much less. They reach a height 6 to 12 feet, with a spread of 6 to 12 feet if not pruned. Full Sun to medium shade. Hardiness Zone: 3 to 8


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